How to Get to St. John USVI

The next time you feel the urge to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, why not try on a vacation in gorgeous St. John for size? But how to get there, you may be wondering? We’ve got that question answered for you with our guide on how to get to St. John USVI.

Airplanes at airport USVI

1. Plane

St. John does not have an airport. However, many major airlines and private jet charters have flights from the Americas into the neighboring island of St. Thomas, which does have an airport. The airport there is Cyril E. King (TIST, STT), and it is a major hub and entryway for travelers entering into the Virgin Islands. Once your flight arrives at Cyril E. King Airport, there are a number of logistical solutions to take you from St. Thomas to St. John. The first way we suggest is by passenger ferry.

2. Private Fleet Services

Private fleet services can provide runway car service or airport terminal personal transfers to your island destination in St. John. Their vehicles join the car barge in St. Thomas, and then sail with you to St. John. Once you and the vehicle disembark, their chauffeur transports you to your accommodations. Presidential Limousine is a professional company that performs this service, and they also load luggage onto the ferry with this transfer service. You can book one of their fleets online or call them at (340) 473-6550.

3. Passenger Ferry

Public ferries in St. Thomas run during regularly scheduled times of the day, and they are a popular way to get to St. John after your flight. Ferry services connect the ferry terminal at Red Hook, located on the East End of St. Thomas, with Cruz Bay, St. John. The ferry dock at Red Hook is about 11 miles from the St. Thomas airport. Your best bet is to take a taxi from Cyril E. King to the ferry, and the trip lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Charter a Boat

During your island hopping, you may prefer to charter a boat instead of taking the ferry. What’s more? Booking private charters by powerboat or sailboat gives you more privacy and makes for a more relaxing experience.

By Powerboat:
You can skip the packed ferry if you want and charter a powerboat to take you from St. John to St. Thomas. The one to book because it’s a ton of fun is Bonus Time. Bonus Time is a brand new World Cat, based out of St. John. For more information for booking her, including where the powerboat will dock in St. Thomas, please call (340) 474-0474.

By Sailboat
Alternatively, you can book a sailboat for a more leisurely trip from St. T. to St. J. We caught up to Ocean Peterson, and he charters the historic sailboat, the Catania. Peterson assures us that the trade winds never fail during the journey, and that the crew will serve you tropical drinks and other beverages from the open bar during the jaunt. You can call (340) 514-1231 to reserve the Catania or make reservations online.

5. Water Taxi

The last thing you may want is to wait for a taxi and then take a lengthy ride to the St. Thomas ferry. Water taxis can help you avoid all that since they can pick you up close to the airport. St. Thomas Water Taxi offers private bookings, and they can pick you up from the Crown Bay Marina, which  is only five minutes from the airport. Their state-of-the-art catamarans can whisk you away from the marina, giving you a smooth ride to St. John. You can call them either at their office at (340) 227-5144 or cell at (813) 465-2665 for more information.

6. Car Barge

A car barge allows you to take your car between the two islands, and it is a very economical choice if you will be renting a car during your vacation. There are three car barge companies, Love City Ferries, Global Marine’s Tug Life, and Big Red Barge Co. that offer daily ferrying services. All you have to do after you reserve your fare, is to hop on the barge with your vehicle. Arrive 30 minutes early for the best success. Travel time is 20-30 minutes.

Love City Car Ferries
Docking Location St. Thomas: Red Hook Car Barge Dock
Docking Location St. John: Enighed Pond
Telephone: (340) 779-4000

Global Marine’s Tug Life
Docking Location St. Thomas: Red Hook Car Barge Dock
Docking Location St. John: Enighed Pond
Telephone: (340) 779-1739

Big Red Barge Co.
Docking Location St. Thomas: Red Hook Car Barge Dock
Docking Location St. John: Enighed Pond
Telephone: (340) 227-0918

You can rent a car, but you don’t have to.

St. John offers a variety of ways to get around the island once you’ve made it here. Car rentals are available for those who want the maximum convenience and speed, but we also encourage visitors to take advantage of the local taxis and buses, or even just using a bicycle or your own two feet to get around!