The U.S. Virgin Islands vs. the British Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Finding the perfect destination can be a daunting task. Even finding the perfect destination in the Virgin Islands can be overwhelming. How many islands exactly make up the Virgin Islands? There are seven main islands that are popular for tourists, but there are about 90 small islands making up the chain. Not sure which one to pick based on your travel group, budget and other preferences? We got you covered! We’ve gathered the basics you […]

Best Beaches in the United States and its Territories

With summer gone, one of the things you might be thinking about is planning your next vacation. If you’re looking for great beaches in America, we have got you covered! This article will provide reviews and ratings for some of our favorite US mainland beaches for couples, the highest Google ratings, best surfing…etc. It also includes reviews from US territories like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. What are the Best Beaches for Couples in […]

Luxury Beachfront Vacation Rental in St. John, Virgin Islands or, St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda?

Would you rather stay in St. John, in the Virgin Islands, or St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda? This is a question that many travelers are asking themselves when they are deciding where to go for their next vacation. Both offer amazing vacation rentals with luxurious amenities and stunning views of both ocean fronts—but which one would be better for your needs? There’s no “right” answer to this question since it all depends on what you’re […]

How to Find the Best Priced Rental Cars in the Virgin Islands

A couple in a convertible facing the sun with a palm tree on the side. This is USVI, this article is about how to find the cheapest rental cars in the US Virgin Islands

Finding the best-priced rental cars in the Virgin Islands is not always an easy task. There are many local companies that offer rentals, and it can be hard to compare them all when they each have different prices. This is why we’ve done some research for you and listed some of our favorite car rental businesses in the Virgin Islands. All offer good rates on vehicles with excellent service, but there are a few differences […]

Flights to the US Virgin Islands

Flights to the US Virgin Islands

If you are looking to escape to a lovely and relaxing tropical vacation, the United States Virgin Islands is sure to fit the bill perfectly. Here, you’ll find an enviable climate, pristine sandy beaches, tons of snorkeling opportunities and the greenery of places such as Virgin Islands National Park. Getting there is a cinch too since a variety of flights are operated from the US to Saint Croix and Saint Thomas on a regular basis. […]