Why the U.S. Virgin Islands Make for a Great Family Vacation

Family Vacation on the USVI

The U.S. Virgin Islands are known as “America’s Caribbean Paradise”. The islands are where travelers go to see a Carnival parade and smell the homegrown spices from the locals. Families can travel to either St. Thomas, St. John, or St. Croix. Some might even decide to see all three islands and enjoy the unique characteristics each one has to offer. And a bonus that most families enjoy is that everything can be paid using U.S. […]

Best Beaches in the United States and its Territories

With summer gone, one of the things you might be thinking about is planning your next vacation. If you’re looking for great beaches in America, we have got you covered! This article will provide reviews and ratings for some of our favorite US mainland beaches for couples, the highest Google ratings, best surfing…etc. It also includes reviews from US territories like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. What are the Best Beaches for Couples in […]

The Best Nightlife and Bars on St John

nightlife usvi

As the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, St John has a comfortable, small-island vibe, and a generous array of things to see and do. It also has a reputation for being the most pristine, with untouched natural beauty to appreciate all around. It’s the perfect place for experiencing the culture of the USVI and for meeting and mingling with the locals. When it comes to the island’s nightlife, you’ll have access to live […]

Best Things to Do in St. John USVI

Best Things to Do in St. John USVI

If you want to spend your precious vacation time off soaking up the sun on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, St. John would fit the bill very nicely. However, this diminutive Caribbean jewel is also packed with places to discover and adventures to be had for those who are interested in a more active vacation experience. You may think that you would soon run out of things to do on an island that […]

10 surprising facts about the USVI that you (probably) didn’t know

Pirates on the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a popular vacation spot for families and couples all over the world. What many people don’t know is that there is a rich history on the islands that make them even more special than to what just meets the eye. Read below to learn 10 things about the USVI that you (probably) didn’t know.   USVI is a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ hot spot In the late 1600s, the Virgin […]