January 27, 2021

Grocery Stores in the US Virgin Islands

With their sandy beaches and clear waters, the US Virgin Islands is chock full of exciting things to experience. Because of that, people sometimes forego eating out much to save funds to go towards the fun activities available to them instead. To put it in perspective, the cost of a couple eating seafood and kicking back tropical fruit cocktails in restaurants adds up to the equivalent of a daily sailboat rental cost before long. 

Even if you don’t plan on preparing any meals, you’ll still probably need snack items, sunscreen, bottled water, batteries and so on. Therefore, whether you plan on whipping up some culinary creations in your villa or simply want to stock up some healthy snacks in the fridge, you’ll need to head to a Virgin Island grocery store for some shopping. For your convenience, we’ve put together this list of the top grocery stores in the US Virgin Islands for every budget. 

About Grocery Shopping in the USVI

Before you dig into this list, consider that most grocery stores in the USVI are just saying “no” to plastic bags. In light of that, be sure to bring something to put your items in when you visit them. If you forget, most have inexpensive, reusable bags you can buy.

Another thing to keep in mind while grocery shopping is that many items such as meat, dry goods, dairy and some produce are often shipped into the Virgin Islands, making them a little more expensive than they are on the mainland. Nevertheless, there are still bargains to be had on alcohol, food and other items if you look closely enough. It’s also very seldom that you find everything you want at one grocery store, so be flexible and expect to substitute at times.

Meanwhile, many resorts and hoteliers cater to guests to the USVI with kitchens and kitchenettes where they can store and prepare their snacks and meals.

Grocery Stores on St John

Retail shopping opportunities are legendary on St. John, and it is why the island is referred to as the “Beverly Hills of the Caribbean.” Not to be outdone, the grocery stores have notable selections, too. Many of them also offer handy provisioning and delivery services that take on the role of grocery shopping for you, making your vacation trouble-free. 

Dolphin Markets

There are three Dolphin Markets in St. John, and they offer in-store and online shopping for pick up. The Dolphin Markets all feature a wide selection of the essential items you need to whip up a family dish, take a trip to the beach, or stock up the refrigerator with snacks and beverages. The one in Chocolate Hole also has a deli with an extensive menu. The deli staff can plate up some hot food to go, or you can grab some ready-prepared sandwiches and salads on your way out. They can also put together a variety of cold cut subs and sandwiches while you wait as well.

  1. Dolphin Market Boulon Center

18-25 Boulon Center, St. John 00831 | +1 340-776-5328

  1. Dolphin Market and Deli Chocolate Hole

Chocolate Hole, 481-2 Cruz Bay, St John 00830 | +1 340-776-5322

  1. Dolphin Market and Deli Coral Bay

13 Estate Carolina, St John 00831 | +1 340-776-5327

Starfish Market

The Starfish Market is the largest grocery store in St. John, so expect to find a massive selection of groceries when you shop there. Their prices are considerably higher per item than they are in most grocery stores on the island, but they also have weekly specials you can take advantage of. Their full deli and meat department is popular, and they have an in-store bakery that is fully stocked with freshly baked bread and pastries. The Starfish Market also offers online ordering, delivery and pickup. 

5000 – 4A Estate Enighed, Route 107, Cruz Bay, St. John 00830 | +1 340-779-4949

Pine Peace Mini Mart

The Pine Peace Mini Mart doesn’t have much of a selection when it comes to produce and meats, but they consistently have the best prices on many other items. So, you could shop Starfish Market for their extensive meat selection, Dolphin Market for fresh produce and Pine Peace Mini Mart for alcoholic beverages. Of course, you can skip all that by letting Land Lubbers Logistics do all the provisioning for you. They also offer delivery service from all the grocery stores in St. John and will take them to where you are staying. 

Route 104 Cruz Bay, St John 00831 | +1 340-693-8725

Grocery Stores on Saint Croix

There are many large grocery stores, along with a couple of medium-sized ones on St. Croix. You’ll also find several minimarkets and convenience stores there. The grocery stores carry a large selection of food and beverage items, including meat, produce, dairy products, baked goods, beer, wine, liquor and frozen foods. Several have a deli and pharmacy on site.

Annaly Farms Meat Market

Located at 72 Estate Upper Love by way of the Carambola golf course, Annaly Farms is a farm-to-table establishment known for its locally raised free-range chicken and Senepol beef. They also feature a wide assortment of other meats, including lamb, pork, turkey, goat, shrimp, yellowfin tuna and other freshly caught species of ocean catch. Besides meats, Annaly has other goodies, such as St. Croix avocados and other seasonal produce, newly lain brown & white eggs and more. 

Rte. 72 Lower Love St Croix 00840 | +1 340-778-2229

Stop & Shop Supermarket

For locals and families on vacations, The Stop & Shop Supermarket is a great local store to shop at since it has one of the biggest selections in St. Croix. This grocer features a wide variety of fresh meats, produce, baby formula, organics and other items. In other words, it’s perfectly fine for picking up most of the things you need. Also, prices on items are incredibly competitive with other grocers on the island. 

52 Hannah’s Rest #D, Frederiksted, St Croix 00840 | +1 340-692-2771

Pueblo Supermarket

Florida-based Pueblo Xtra International owns Pueblo Supermarkets, and they have two stores on the Island of St Croix: Golden Rock and La Reine. Both Pueblo marts carry fresh meats and feature some of the best selection of produce in the neighborhood. Additionally, they have a wide variety of beer, wine and spirits. For greater savings, they have a weekly savings flyer you can access from their website that offers deals on anything from paper towels to hamburger meat.

  1. Pueblo Golden Rock

Golden Rock Shopping Center, Christiansted, St Croix 00820 | +1 340-718-0118

  1. Pueblo La Reine

Villa La Reine, St Croix 00850| +1 340-778-0584

The Market STX

The family-owned Market STX is the largest supermarket in St. Croix, so you can expect their food & beverage selection to be extensive. Their meat department includes Angus beef, pork, poultry, and several types of seafood, while their in-house deli and bakery feature wraps and subs, pre-made salads and house-made cakes & pastries. The Market additionally offers online shopping and curbside pickup services in St. Croix and St. Thomas (The Market STT). 

14 Plessen, Frederiksted 00840 | + 1 340-719-1870

Grocery Stores on Saint Thomas

There are several grocery stores in St. Thomas, and they come in all sizes. They offer a wide selection of food items, general merchandise and convenience services. 

Moe’s Fresh Market Redhook

Moe’s is a little more on the pricier side, but they make up for it with their fresh, gourmet selections and free provisional service. Whether you desire artisan honey and cheese or want a fine wine paired with freshly caught Caribbean lobster, Moe’s Fresh Market in Redhook can shop and package your items for you for pickup. Alternatively, you can have them hand-delivered directly to your yacht, jets, hotel or private residence, leaving you time to concentrate on what’s really important: The enjoyment of your tropical getaway!

6205 Smith Bay road, Redhook, St. Thomas | +1 340-693-0254

Cost U Less

Cost U Less belongs to a chain of warehouse stores, and shoppers will find some of the same brands you would at big-box discount stores like Super Walmart or Costco. With stores in St. Thomas and Christiansted, St Croix, they have everything that budget-conscious shoppers might need and then some. Families, especially, will appreciate the reasonably priced meats, produce, dairy, toiletries, etc. For special occasions, they have birthday cakes. It is also one of the cheapest places in St. Thomas to get cases of beer and wine. 

4400 Weymouth Rhymer Hwy. St. Thomas 00802 | Phone: +1 340-777-3570

The Fruit Bowl

Located at Wheatley Center, The Fruit Bowl provides the essential fresh ingredients that family members and vacationers need to prepare a delicious meal. The store is small, but they utilize their space wisely, packing it full of fresh fruits and other produce. Besides produce, the specialty store offers meat, fish, seafood, dairy, and gluten and dairy-free products. They also feature a soup and salad bar with yummy selections such as Atlantic Lobster Bisque, Chicken Ginseng Soup, and Shrimp & Roasted Corn Chowder. 

9400 Wheatley Center, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, 00802 | +1 340-774-8565

Waves Marina Market

The previous Waves Marina Market that had a Whole Foods vibe closed, but it is now open again for tourism. The store has been under new ownership since 2019 and operates more like a convenience store now. Because of their proximity to the Compass Point Marina, they cater mainly to fishing charters, their workers and vacationers. You can stop in for a wakeup jolt with their freshly brewed coffee, and they sell sodas, energy drinks, beer, spirits, snacks and ice. They also offer merchandise needed for an outing on the marina’s boats and yachts and P.O. box rentals if you need a mailbox. 

6300 Estate Frydenhoj Ste# 22, St Thomas 00802 | +1 586-321-3816

Food Center

The Food Center is located at the East End, West of Red Hook, on Route 32 across from the Independent Boatyard & Marina and Oasis Cove Marina. It is a large staple grocery store, and shoppers that frequent it appreciate the supermarket quality of the store, its large selection and hot foods. With a wide variety of everyday, gourmet & international food items (and an impressive array of hot sauces), it is a good one-stop store for all your grocery items and merchandise. The Food Center also sells beer, wine, and a selection of rum and other spirits.

St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands | +1 340-777-8806

Selecting a Villa

Vacation VI helps vacationers find the perfect villa for their stay in the US Virgin Islands. If you would like to rent a luxurious villa with stunning views and loads of amenities that include a kitchen with modern appliances, we can help. Take Tre Vista Estate, for instance, a five bedroom villa that is perfect for large families or couples. 

Tre Vista has all the comforts of home available, including a gourmet kitchen with plenty of room to prepare dinner for the whole house. The living area and sitting areas of the villa are comfortable and spacious and offer breathtaking views into three bays – Great Cruz Bay, Chocolate Hole Bay and Hart Bay.

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