August 30, 2022

Rental vs. Resort in the USVI: Pros and Cons

Planning a vacation involves making some serious decisions that all influence how well you’ll enjoy your trip. Figuring out where you want to rest your head after a busy day of swimming, shopping and sailing is one of your biggest priorities, though.

Travelers today have more lodging options than ever before now that short-term rentals have risen in popularity. In the US Virgin Islands, you’ll find a wealth of different possibilities that include private homes, hotels and upscale luxury resorts.

Having so many options makes it possible to create a truly customized vacation experience, but you might find yourself getting caught up in wondering whether a hotel vs vacation rental is best for your family. The truth is that all your options have benefits along with potential drawbacks that may or may not matter depending upon your needs.

Here’s how to start picking out your preferred place to set yourself up for the vacation of your dreams.

Vacation Rental Pros

A vacation rental is typically a standalone house that is offered by a private owner or property manager for travelers to stay in while they explore the US Virgin Islands. Since they aren’t connected to other rooms as you would find in a hotel, they feel more like your own private little home.

Most vacation rentals have all the amenities that you would expect to find in a home, such as a private kitchen that comes with state-of-the-art appliances. This provides you with the chance to cook your own meals and lounge in spacious living areas without having to encounter other travelers. Time shares are also another viable option if you’re looking for a rental property in the USVI.

People tend to appreciate the fact that this lodging option also has more space, as they are built for entire families to be able to spread out during their stay. Some of the larger rentals you’ll find in the USVI have four or more rooms along with enough bathrooms for everyone to enjoy their privacy, which makes them perfect for vacations where you’re taking your extended family along.

Instead of being in one major location, such as you will find with a resort, these homes tend to be scattered all over the islands. This makes it possible to choose your own adventure. For instance, you might select a vacation rental in Cinnamon Bay if you want to go on a snorkeling adventure where there’s plenty of room for tourists to spread out.

Staying in a private villa also gives you the chance to live more like a local. You might choose to go to the local grocery store to pick up some food for your private kitchen, and you can stay closer to where people who live in the USVI tend to spend their time. For many people, this provides the opportunity to create an authentic experience while still enjoying those little luxuries that make a vacation more special, such as access to a private pool.

Vacation Rental Cons

There are a few minor things that you might have to give up in exchange for all that privacy and open space. You can expect for a rental to be fully cleaned before you arrive, but you’ll usually need to manage your needs throughout your stay without the help of a full-time cleaning crew. If you decide to cook for yourself, then you can expect to wash a few dishes. Most people also find that they need to do a little laundry while they are in a vacation rental.

Rental villas also tend to book fast, which might create a small problem if you are trying to travel during the height of the tourist season. Working with a booking agent is one way to quickly find out which properties are available that fit your specifications. You might also encounter restrictions regarding bringing pets and children along. While some homes are open to having people of all ages stay, others may request that children be over a certain age before they can spend the night on the property.

Hotel Pros

A vacation resort provides the advantage of having on-site staff that handles your needs. Having access to room service helps you to relax and know that there is someone available to refresh your linens and towels while also helping you to manage any need that arises.

Being waited on makes your stay in the USVI feel more luxurious, and you won’t have to worry about things such as whether you need to clean your room before you leave. You’ll also have access to amenities during your stay that includes fitness centers, clubhouse restaurants and even private sections of the beach so that you can host your wedding or special event without interruptions.

Virgin Island luxury resorts also include access to concierge services that make it easy to plan all your adventures. If it’s your first time visiting the islands, then having someone guide you to the best places to arrange for a boat rental or to book a fishing guide helps you to feel more confident about planning your activities.

Hotels also offer consistency that you won’t always find in a vacation rental. You can generally know what kind of ambiance and decor to expect. You can also expect the hotel to have reliable Wi-Fi and business support services if you might need to communicate with people back at home during your visit.

The check-in process is also easier at hotels. With private rentals, you never know if you’ll be asked to use a lockbox to access a key or text the owner for a code. Hotels generally follow the same easy check-in procedure that you’ve likely encountered in the past. Being able to get into your rental without a hitch is important when you’ve been traveling for hours and are ready to rest or start your vacation.

Hotel Cons

Hotels and resorts offer you many amenities that make your stay perfect, but there can be a few minor drawbacks to staying in a private home. Fortunately, luxury vacation hotels often have accommodations in place that can help you overcome each one. For instance, being able to book group rooms together can help you to keep your family connected during your stay. You can also enjoy in-suite amenities, such as a kitchen, by simply making sure that the hotel offers them.

Although you might have to share things, such as a pool, with other guests at the resort, many people find that this leads to exciting conversations with people from all over the world. Hearing that another guest loved their hiking trip in the National Park might just inspire you to venture out on your own. Or you may prefer the safety that comes with staying near other people if you are a solo traveler.

Book Your Luxury Vacation Stay Today

Have you decided whether you need a vacation rental or prefer the amenities offered by the US Virgin Island resorts? We make it easy to take your planning even further by offering booking services that include everything from showing you which properties are available to helping you nail down those final details such as stocking the fridge with groceries. Reach out to our booking agent today to start planning an adventure you’ll always remember with Vacation VI!

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