May 28, 2021

The Best Nightlife and Bars on St John

As the smallest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, St John has a comfortable, small-island vibe, and a generous array of things to see and do. It also has a reputation for being the most pristine, with untouched natural beauty to appreciate all around. It’s the perfect place for experiencing the culture of the USVI and for meeting and mingling with the locals. When it comes to the island’s nightlife, you’ll have access to live music, sumptuous food, and ample opportunities for conversation and good times. 

What You’ll Find among St John Nightlife

Reggae is a popular part of the St John USVI nightlife, as are canopied, beach-side seating areas, fresh-caught seafood, and fruity, rum-heavy drinks. Everywhere you go, you’ll find an undeniably mellow vibe. Despite these commonalities, you’ll still have access to a diverse array of environments, cuisine types, and beverages.

When it comes to nightlife and bars in St John, you can hit the town in your sundress and flip-flops, or your favorite t-shirt and shorts in most establishments. With everyone committed to having a good time, you’ll fit right in with even your most laid-back attire.

The Best Nightlife and Bars in St John, USVI

The following five bars feature the very best of local beer, and you can relax with a bottle of your favorite wine, or toddle around with an oversize glass of a coconut-lade concoction.

1. The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar is exactly what its name implies. Situated right on the beach with views of Galge Cove and Cruz Bay, it boasts a fused atmosphere that’s perfect for both relaxation and social mingling. This is the place to go when you want to experience the very best of island music, eat fresh, satisfying fare and drink to your heart’s content. 

You’ll find patrons dancing, hanging out on bar stools, and toggling between revelry and beach activities. You can order blackened tuna bites, a massive nachos platter or veggie egg rolls. The Beach Bar has a large and diverse food menu with ample options for vegetarians. It also offers an impressive variety of frozen drinks, blended drinks, iced drinks, bottled beer and beer on tap. With a constantly changing calendar of musical acts, you’ll regularly find new options in live entertainment.

2. Quiet Mon

With chocolate cake shots that have absolutely nothing to do with cake, Quiet Mon offers a number of unexpected yet unforgettable experiences in St John. This quiet, second-floor joint is the only Irish pub on the island. Boasting a friendly, laid-back environment that’s on par with the typical pub in Ireland, they offer a short menu of edible fare that includes a soup of the day, sandwiches, and homemade chili. 

You’ll also find an impressive wine list, a variety of well-rated specialty drinks, and just about anything you want on tap, including selections from St John’s Breweries. It’s the perfect spot for chatting up locals and other tourists, and for experiencing the fusion of Caribbean and Irish culture. 

3. Woody’s Seafood Saloon

Expect fresh, first-rate seafood and every drink you can imagine when visiting Woody’s Seafood Saloon. This stop on your tour of St John USVI nightlife is best made with a big appetite. From blackened or beer-battered shrimp to chicken wings, pasta salad, and conch fritters, you’ll find a generous selection of good eats. 

Woody’s Seafood Saloon makes massive margaritas and equally large servings of rum punch. Best of all, the prices are affordable. You can eat well, drink well, and hardly put a dent in your travel budget. This establishment also has an expansive gear store so that guests can load up on apparel, headwear, and swag, whether for souvenirs or gifts for their loved ones.

4. Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs is a popular bar and grill in Coral Bay, St John that has grown quite a following among residents and visitors alike. They feature a combination restaurant and retail store that has a laid-back and decidedly funky vibe. 

Serving up both fresh green salads from Josephine’s Organic Greens of St John, and an impressive selection of mouth-watering burgers and sandwiches, it’s a great place to visit for a bowl of homemade chili and a few starter beverages before completing any major St John’s bar run. With service hours ending at just 8 pm, this is an excellent first stop before heading out to livelier, longer-partying establishments. Before leaving, you can stock up on hats, hoodies, tanks, and tees.

5. The Tap Room

A complete tour of the St John USVI nightlife doesn’t have to be an entirely rum-soaked adventure. If you prefer a cold beer to a mixed drink, head on over to The Tap Room to sate your thirst. This is the island’s flagship brewery and it won’t disappoint. Owned by St Johns Brewers and Craft Beers, The Tap Room has an expansive draft beer and dining menu. 

Boasting a relaxed, island-brewpub ambiance, this top-rated location will give you the chance to sample world-class hard cider, amber ale, coconut brown ale, mango pale ale, chocolate stout, and more. Guests can sate their appetites with meat-lovers pizza, steak and cheese wraps, baby back ribs, or chicken Alfredo, among other dishes. If you are traveling in a large party, you can even plan and advance-book your visit online.

Tips for Going out in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Here are a few general tips for going out in St John and the rest of the USVI.

COVID Guidelines

In the age of COVID, it’s important to be well-prepared for both a visit to the island and all your explorations of the St John USVI nightlife. Although mask mandates are changing throughout the world, be sure to have a facial covering on hand everywhere you go. 

Most St John restaurants and bars still require guests to have masks on unless they’re actively eating or drinking. Moreover, prior to showing up, be sure to upload proof of a negative COVID-19 test to the USVI Travel Portal or simply print your test results out. Both Rapid tests and PCR tests are currently accepted. 

The nightclubs and bars feature plenty of ways to have fun while enjoying cocktails, but dancing isn’t one of them, at least for now. 

Getting Around the USVI

The pandemic has also had an impact on island transportation. Planning your transportation ahead of your arrival, or at least before actually heading out, is usually a wise choice. To get to the bar or brewery of your choice in St.John, and for getting around the USVI in general, car and jeep rentals and open air taxis typically work the best.

Car and jeep rentals offer convenience, flexibility, and freedom, but be sure to remember that the only gas stations in St John are the ones in Cruz Bay. Do keep in mind that you drive on the left side of the road in the USVI and that you yield the right of way to all pedestrians and livestock.

Countless independent taxi drivers on St John are now operating private taxis. If you’ve visited before, you’ll find these services to be more economical, and in many instances, far more customer-centric and significantly more accessible. 

About Maximum Party Capacity

Restaurants and pubs are often at capacity, particularly during traditionally busy travel times. This makes it best to always call ahead and to take advantage of online booking platforms or call-in waitlists.

Gratuities and More

Wherever you go while exploring St John USVI nightlife, anticipate tipping policies on par with those of all other U.S. establishments at about 15 to 20 percent. Keep in mind that most bartenders on St John will give last call at 11 pm and close by midnight due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Best of all, the legal drinking age is just 18, and St John doesn’t have any open container laws. Therefore, if you still want to keep the party going after last calls have been made, you can always head to the beach and watch the sun come up with your friends by your side and a drink in your hand.

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