October 6, 2016

8 Tuff Miles Road Race

Do you have what it takes to make 8 Tuff Miles?  How about visiting St. John in the USVI and test your endurance on this 8 mile course that starts at sea level and goes up to 999 ft.  With over 1500 participants last year, this is one of the largest road races in the Virgin Islands!  The course starts in Cruz Bay and crosses the amazing terrain of St. John to the other side of the island ending in Coral Bay.  In between you will experience hills, amazing views, a few donkeys or goats and some of the best and most creative water stations along the way.  You will be racing with visitors and locals and cheered on by both!  This is one of those bucket lists races!  Check out the video from last years race here!  The race is Saturday February 25th, 2017.  Make it a long weekend and book your group of Tuff’ers with us today!

St. John Villas available here!

You can register for 8 Tuff Miles right here!




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